January 2015--Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

Arturo and his extended family celebrated an intimate Christmas and New Year’s. All of their spirits seem to be up after receiving some much needed down time to just be together themselves. They very much enjoyed getting one another gifts with the cards that were so generously provided. Jeanette and her kids also had a good Christmas. They received the best gift of all when Jeanette’s grandson finally joined us all earthside shortly after Christmas! Jeanette’s spirits are also up after receiving cards of support from several of you. Jeanette was in Washington DC with her kids the same week as Ana and her daughters were there, although they didn’t overlap. Both trips proved fruitful as we now have contacts in the White House as well as DHS. Also, all of the children came away from the trips empowered and more engaged. Jeanette was able to discuss some of Arturo’s case with White House officials and Rev. Anne from MDSC was able to present Jeanette’s case in front of Department of Homeland Security officials. I’ve attached a list of press stories from December in case you are interested. Those same Holidays caused us problems in our timeline as various officials in charge of Arturo’s case have been in and out of town. We're getting set to wait out the next week or so as all of the decision makers in Arturo's case have been out during the holidays. Just two individuals have so much power over their lives (Deputy Chief Counsel Don O'Hare and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Field Director John Longshore). Please hold in your intentions these two decision makers, that their hearts and minds be opened by the new possibility Pres. Obama's program represents and that they use their power to allow Arturo to return to his house in the New Year. Notes of support, prayer and love to Ana, would be fabulous! You can send them to Ana Sauzameda c/o First Unitarian 1400 Lafayette St. Denver, CO 80218. Thank you for all you do to keep Arturo and his family together, for being a Light in this darkest time of year. - Monday: calls to Washington DC - Tuesday: 5:30pm-6:30pm vigil in the chapel at First Unitarian. Light a candle and express a hope or a resolution. Pray for Arturo and Ana and for the Chief Counsel. - Day we receive a decision Rapid response action at 19th and Stout in front of immigration court. Why immigration court? Because the person who decides whether or not to grant Arturo’s motion to re-open his case is the Chief Counsel (who is like the prosecutor for immigration). If we get a yes (YAY!) or a no (Wrong answer). The press conference will be to either celebrate or decry the decision AND put pressure on ICE to approve his stay of removal o Plan A: Motion to re-open approved. Press conference o Plan B: Motion to re-open denied. Press conference followed by an all-day vigil in front of the courthouse and an action alert to share. Please join us between 4 and 6pm in front of the courthouse to pray, sing, make art together. If you have ideas for activities here, please send them on! Boulder area folks, would you want to hold simultaneous vigil at one of your congregations? § Following day: All day vigil at ICE office in Centennial: 7:30am to 5pm. Take shifts.

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