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Man lives in Denver church basement as debate over immigration rages

Denver Post


From Denver church, immigrant skirting deportation watches world pass by

Colorado Public Radio


Immigrants in Sanctuary: Man in Denver One of Three Not Granted Relief



A Denver Church Joins a Nationwide Movement to Provide Sanctuary to Undocumented Immigrants



Undocumented Father Finds Sanctuary in Denver Church to Fight Deportation to Mexico

Democracy Now!


Arturo Hernandez Garcia still in sanctuary as he fights deportation



Why Is This Man Claiming Sanctuary From the Feds in a Church?



Republicans Resist Obama's Move to Dismantle Apparatus of Deportation

New York Times


Arturo Hernandez Garcia: Supporters Decry Setback in Sanctuary-Seeker's Immigration Case



Immigration vote sends chilling message to those facing deportation

Denver Post


Immigrant's family returns from DC lobbying trip, Arturo Hernandez Garcia took sanctuary in church

Channel 7 News


Immigrant family heads to DC to plead its case

Denver Post


Democrats want reprieve for man seeking sanctuary in church

Denver Post

The Spot blog


Democrats want amnesty for man seeking sanctuary in church

Denver Post


Family of man seeking sanctuary from deportation in Denver church is flying to Washington

Channel 7 News


A four-year legal battle against deportation: Mexican immigrant first to get sanctuary in Colorado



Immigrant finds sanctuary in Denver Unitarian church

UU World


Immigrant living in Denver church to avoid deportation

Washington Times


Those On The Verge Of Deportation Find Hope In Obama’s Immigration Reform Plan

CBS Channel 4 News


He lived in the U.S. for 15 years. Only church sanctuary saved him from deportation.

Washington Post


Mexican father has been living in a church for months to avoid deportation

Colorado Newsday


Mexican man claims sanctuary in church basement   ABC Channel 7 News


Immigrant family seeks sanctuary in Denver church after tiff with bigot leads to false charges

Raw Story


Man claims sanctuary in church basement

ABC News (national)


First Person in CO Claims Sanctuary to Avoid Deportation Public News Service


Coloradans Threatened with Deportation Turn to Faith for "Sanctuary"

Public News Service


Colorado UCC joins coalition to provide sanctuary to immigrant families facing deportation

United Church of Christ


Providing Sanctuary as an Act of Faith 

Standing on the Side of Love