Prayer, March, Action!


Flyers to distribute:




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An Invitation from Arturo and Ana


Ana and I strategized with the Metro Denver New Sanctuary Coalition and we’ve decided to put all our remaining energy behind a public march. We’ve been lucky to have great press coverage over the past four months, and now it’s time to show our strength in numbers and to take our demand to the streets of Denver:

Director Longshore: Keep Arturo Home! Grant a stay of deportation!
Call for just & humane immigration policy and an end to deportations!


Friday, March 20th

Interfaith prayer for Arturo and ICE officials


2:30pm step off from FUSD*
We will march from First Unitarian Society of Denver to
Immigration Court at 19th & Stout


Meet at the courthouse to demonstrate and call for approval of Arturo’s stay


We need you. And we need five of your closest friends too.

While immigration law is controlled at the federal level, ICE district offices vary widely in how they enforce these laws. The regional directors of ICE field offices hold powerful discretionary authority in most deportation cases, which allows them either to separate families or to keep families together with very little oversight or accountability from Washington DC.
Deporting me, separating me from my family, a father, a husband, a small business owner with a clean record who has lived in this country for 16 years is not even in line with the national deportation priorities coming down from the national ICE office in Washington. After almost five months in sanctuary, it’s time to mount public pressure and to send a message to Director Saldaña and to Director Longshore that we’re watching and we’re organized.
We must raise our voices, paint our signs, stretch our legs, and amplify the call for justice for our family and thousands of others like us. The people united will never be divided.

* If you’ll be at work then meet us at Immigration Court at 4pm.
** We will have vehicles available to support participants who are not able to walk the full distance. 

***If Arturo receives a stay, we will have a celebration at First Unitarian Denver at 6:00pm instead of the march.