Keep Ingrid Encalada Latorre Home with Her Family

Ingrid Encalada Latorre came from Peru and made Colorado her home in 2000 at 17. She has lived almost half of her 33 years here in the US. She has two citizen children, Bryant who is 8 years old and Anibal who is a year old. Anibal has torticollis, a condition which can be treated when the child is young. He sees a physical therapist and needs supervision at home to complete his treatments. If he isn't treated properly now, he'll might need surgery as an adult. Bryant needs his mother so he continues doing well in school and in life.


Ingrid's immigration problems began in 2010. She worked for many years at a nursing home to support herself and her son, Bryant. Like millions of people who need to support their families, she used papers she had purchased to be able to work. This caused the IRS to contact the person to whom the papers belonged and that person filed a police report.


















On April 22, 2010 the police arrested Ingrid at her nursing home job. On advice from her lawyer, she agreed to a felony plea and completed 4 1/2 years of probation and paid back $11,500 of back taxes. She didn't know that the felony plea, which allowed her to serve probation and pay fines rather than serve jail time, would prevent her from being able to win her immigration case.

Ingrid found an attorney who is now trying to reopen her criminal case. In order for Ingrid to pursue her day in court without fear of deportation and ensure Anibal completes treatment, she needs a stay of deportation, otherwise it's possible Immigration will detain her at her Jefferson County court date.

On Friday November 25 we asked Immigration and Customs Enforcement in DC to review and approve her application for a stay. On Monday November 28 we notified ICE that she began her witness at Mountain View Friends Meeting.

Eliseo, Anibal (1), Ingrid, and Bryant (8)

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