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Twelve Metro Area faith communities have joined together with the American Friends Service Committee to form the Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition. Jeanette Vizguerra worked tirelessly to idnetify and open the first congregation's doors in 2013 and 2016. Sharing her story and inviting faith communtiies to live our values and fight alongside immigrants facing deportation.


In responding to the invitation to provide sanctuary, we embody the integrity of our faith traditions, in which sanctuary is deeply rooted across centuries: to proclaim and protect the dignity and worth of every human  being. Providing sanctuary affirms our solidarity with our immigrant sisters and brothers, and our conviction that families should not be torn apart by unjust policies.

We declare that we are prepared to provide sanctuary to an immigrant and their family, providing them with a means to continue to resist their deportation while hosted in a safe space for their body and spirit, the ability to remain with their family and community, and a public platform to proclaim their prophetic message regarding just and humane immigration policy.


In addition, because each of our traditions value love, justice, and dignity, we extend this invitation to all Metro Denver faith communities to join in forming a broad multi-ethnic and interfaith coalition assuring sanctuary for our immigrant sisters and brothers.


Strategic Priorities

Storysharing: Represent immigrant and citizen voices and their transformative experience together.

Accompaniment: We train our members to document immigrant experiences and accompany the person in deportation. We provide spiritual and concrete accompaniment of the person leading the fight in the belief that together we can keep people home. 

Engage the larger faith community in discernment: Our members, of all immigration status, are happy to share their experiences with Sanctuary. We are happy to come facilitate or co-facilitate interactive workshops, art exhibits or film showings at your faith community.

Hosting Congregations
First Unitarian Society of Denver engaged their community in an examination of their Unitarian Universalist faith and commitment to justice, voting overwhelmingly to become a host congregation in May of 2014.

Park Hill United Methodist Church and Temple Micah share a building and a commitment to justice, joining the MDSC as joint hosts in July of 2017

Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder moved from a support to hosting congregation in October of 2017


Supporting Congregations

Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

10:30 Catholic Community

Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church

Columbine Unitarian Universalist Church

Jefferson Unitarian Church

Prairie Unitarian

have joined as support congregations to immigrant families seeking sanctuary

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